An Easy Way To Create Cartoon Smoke In After Effects

During the course of this tutorial, you will learn how to create animated smoke in Ae. This type has a hand-drawn look that’s perfect for animation proffesionals who need an edge on their competition with unique designs and effects!

Motion designers on Twitter are an invaluable resource for tips and tricks. Freelance Designer/Animator Kyle Martinez recently posted a little demo that quickly detailed how to create the illusion of hand-drawn animation with just one tool: smoke screens!

Sometimes you just need to stack a few effects and fake some frame by frame animation

Kyle Martinez (@kyletmartinez) April 30, 2018

To create the smoke effect, you will need to use Trapcode Particular. To start off with, make your initial movements on circles that are orbiting around in space and then bring them closer together or farther apart according to how much movement there is at specific points within this base of our technique (a couple effects). This process can be done without purchasing any plugins if one has appropriate skill set but it ultimately depends upon what kind of creativity they want achieve for themselves!

The magic of the effect comes from using a blur and then crushing the alpha to get that nice sharp line. The combination, when used correctly can give you anything: hair flowing in motion or an object jumping out at your audience – it really doesn’t matter what we’re looking at as there will always seem like everything melts into each other for this technique!

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Mikey Borup’s idea was to use one text layer instead of two. Why? Because why not!