An Easy Way To Create Procedural Wood In Blender

Nathan Duck shows an easy way to create wood in Blender using new features in 2.9.

Blender 2.9 makes it easy to create materials procedurally using the new noise node feature, which was previously only available in previous versions of Blender but is now included with all nodes thanks to an update released on April 17th 2018!

Using this functionality will allow you can easily generate random variations for any type or shape off-the-shelf material including wood so that your models have more variety than ever before – perfect if there are things like bugs getting stuck between gaps where they shouldn’t be able too because no one wants a saw zipping through these walls again (even though we’ve seen how much those things hurt).

Easier Procedural Wood.

In this new tutorial from Nathan Duck, you can learn a much easier way to create good-looking wood material in Blender. The technique requires fewer nodes than before thanks to new functions within the noise texture node available with version 2.9 of the software!