An Easy Way To Create The Cel Animated Look In After Effects

Rachouan Rejeb Shares His Technique for Getting the Cel Animated Look Out of Adobe After Effects.

A Multidisciplinary designer and developer based in Belgium, Rachouan Rejeb shares his favorite way to get that hand animated look with After Effects. “One of my favorite forms of motion design is Traditional Animation (Cel Animation)” he says. He started this type at an early age when learning about traditional arts like animation or painting which led him into digital media as well because they both share similar qualities such as creating moving images out something static on canvas via pencil drawings before employing computers for more sophisticated results nowadays!

Rachouan shows us how to make an animated bouncing ball using After Effects software. He starts by adding turbulence with the Turbulent Displace effect, which jitters each individual shape in every frame and then drops down to 12fps for smootherness. Simple but effective!