An Easy Way To Fix Those Annoying Lines In A Blender Bevel

Chipp Walters shows a super-quick way to fix those lines on a bevel, so they look smoother.

The Blender Bevel Modifier is a handy way to get that manufactured look on models. Whether you’re shaping an edge with bevels or fillets, this useful tool can round out connection edges quickly by providing rounding at the start and end points of your own design!

The most important thing I learned today was how easy it is using Blender’s many editing tools for model building in 3D space – specifically their new feature called ‘Bevelling’. It lets designers create rounded shapes right there within SketchUp so they don’t need any Adobe programs like Photoshop Extended (which has its benefits too).

A new quick tip from Chipp Walters shows that by changing one setting in the modifier, you can get rid of those lines for good. It’s all about finding just what value is right and then adding some curve continuity to create an appealing Squircle shape!

About Chipp Walters.

Chipp Walters is an Industrial Designer who has created concept designs for Apple, Sony and NASA. Recently he led a team to create award winning augmented reality product based on the Alamo that will be used in museums and education.

Chippy first earned international attention as far back as 2005 when his work began appearing all over — including appearances by artists like Andy Warhol (1928-1987) or streetwear brands such Vans shoes Inc., Nike Air Jordan – even outer space aboard NASA’s InSight Mars Lander during its landing sequence!