An Easy Way To Get An Rgb Split Effect In After Effects

Michael Tierney shows a quick and easy way to get an RGB split effect in After Effects.

Creating glitch effects to spice up your video is a great way, but it can be difficult. There are many ways you could go about doing this in Ae with all the different editing options available- one popular option being using an RGB split effect! Michael Tierney shows us how quickly and easily achieve that look without any complicated work at all though – check out his tip below.

Ae offers several methods for creating interesting visualizations such as glitches or distorted frames when playing back projects sped up dramatically (for example: 4x). The following article will show examples on both slomo playback speeds via multiply mode >64fps ; Double Speed Sequences set.

Tierney’s RGB split effect uses shape layers and a set of channels to place each layer as red or green. Then set the entire thing in Add mode will give you the desired colorization of your artwork! Tierneys’ example is simple but can be applied on vector art with shifted positions for all pixels within it – not too elegant but gets done what needs to be done!