An Easy Way To Make An All-quad Sphere In Maya

Josh Antonio shows an easy way to make an all-quad sphere in Maya.

All-quad faces are the key to creating models that can be manifeset in 3D. However, after you learn how make them quadrangles it might take some time before your model looks like something an architect would approve of (though they will appreciate its accuracy). Josh Antonio has a new tutorial for those looking forward beginner’s guide on making these complicated shapes with Maya software

All-Quad Sphere, All the Time.

Antonio shows how you can make an all-quad sphere by starting out with a cube, subdividing it and then using Maya’s sculpt deformers to inflate into perfection. The technique is simple but not quick if one has to work through those steps every time; fortunately though in tutorial 2 there’s another option for saving some time – making these subdivisions as shelves on your button!

Maya’s Own.

Maya’s quad sphere is a great tool for simulating the effects of inflation. To make use of it, you only need to create your platonic solid and change its attributes under “Attributes” so that it becomes an infinite cube with some divisions drawn on by hand using slider values (ballparking would be about 10). Setting spherical inflation at 1 will do all but add surface tension- which may not seem necessary if we’re just trying to get aliens walking around our time machine!