An In-depth Look At Substance Baker Bridge For Mari

Jens Kafitz offers an in-depth look into Substance Baker Bridge in the Mari Extension Pack.

Mari Extension Pack 5 R6v2 lets you access the baking toolset found in Adobe’s Substance tools by way of a new Automation Toolkit from right within Mari. The Bridge overcomes some limitations that come with using S7/Procreate as well as allowing for easier post-production like changing colors and adding effects on top!

The new Substance Baker Bridge is a powerful and comprehensive package for beginners as well as experienced users. If you want to know how it works, or just find out more about this amazing extension pack that so many talented artists have come up with over time then be sure check out our tutorial below!

Mari Extension Pack.

The Extension Pack contains scripts and tools to help Mari artists with workflow-enhancing features that may be missing in the program.