An Introduction To Creating And Working With Hdas

Simon Verstraete covers creating HDAs in Houdini with this introduction.

In this tutorial, Simon Houdini (Simon Verstraete) talks about the benefits of using HDAs in Houdini and how it can be a great tool for your workflow. With custom nodes you are able to make tools that will help streamline certain tasks within animation processes as well as having more control over what is happening on screen without wasting time with animating multiple paths just so one could happen at runtime or by chance instead!

In this article, Verstraete shows how to create a simple chain asset that you can control by using an external curve. With just three commands in the console and some basic knowledge of what it takes for software applications (UI) design patterns, he’s able to instruct readers about creating their own parametric chains from scratch with all sorts of customizable features – including user interfaces!