An Introduction To Sculpting Tileable Textures In 3D Coat

Anton Tenitsky Offers Some Insights Into Sculpting Tileable Textures in 3D-Coat.

3D Coat is an incredible tool for artists who want to create tileable textures. It enables users of the program, such as brick patterns or any other repetitive pattern that can be made by carving out individual sections and then tiling them together like puzzle pieces on top one another in order create new designs from scratch without having seen anything beforehand! In this latest tutorial Anton Tenitsky walks us through creating our own tiles using 3D modeling software – so you’ll never need a different set again if your work requires similar layouts across scenes or projects.

There are a few unexplored areas in 3DC tutorials that Anton thought could use some more attention. He offered up his own tutorial to help people learn how to create tiled textures with it, and you might be interested too!