An Introduction To Working With The Light Portal In Arnold

Lee Griggs shows how to use the Light Portal in Arnold to focus skydome light in all the right areas.

To create an interior scene, it is often necessary to use light sources other than natural sunlight. This can be done with image-based lighting (IBL) which produces fast render times and realistic results on all sorts of surfaces including glass, wood or metal objects. However there are some limitations when using this type of camera setup because you cannot see what’s happening behind your subject nor does the illumination travel in three dimensions like real life so for those types scenes I recommend sticking mainly just two point lights at opposite ends pointing towards eachother then dark shadows under them as seen below where we took advantage.

The Portal Light is an innovative new product that can be used to focus the rays from a skydome light into specific rooms. This means you don’t need as many bulb types, or individual lights for certain areas of your home!

In this new guide from Arnold’s rendering specialist Lee Griggs, he shows a basic light portal setup. This will help reduce the noise when it comes time to render interiors and make them look much better!