An Overview Of Character Modeling And Texturing In Blender

Remington Markham offers some insights into his workflow for modeling and texturing a character in Blender 2.8.

Don’t just sit there and watch someone else do all the work! There are a lot of cool 3D things you can try out. If, for example, modeling in Blender sounds interesting – take time to check this new tutorial from Remington Markham who has put together an instructional video on how he made his pirate character. He starts by discussing what type of model will best fit desired outcome (i’m guessing it needs something roguish), then moves onto creating polygonal shapes using tools like cylinders or spheres before detailing their appearance with custom textures…The entire process lasts less than two hours but is broken down step-bystep so even beginners should be able get started quickly.

Markham covers the best practices as he models, textures and renders a pirate character using Blender 2.8 The tutorial includes many beginner tips to help you model your own characters.