An Overview Of The Mantra Render Settings For Houdini

BubblePins offers some Mantra render setting insights covering parameters and how to use them.

3D rendering is an art form that few take the time to master. It’s important, therefore, for artists and designers alike to know what engine they will be using in order to create beautiful imagery without any hassle or fuss! SideFX Houdini comes with a default renderer already installed – but you might want more than one if your projects require different styles of graphics such as those seen on TV commercials versus movies posters (or even book covers).

A good rule-of-thumb: The type/genre determines how many engines are needed; whether prebuilt packages like Maya LT+Flow + XGen combination pack from Autodesk®, sole proprietary software offers everything except artistic talent ;

Mantra: Standard and Amazing.

What are you waiting for? Get started today with this new tutorial series from BubblePins that covers many of the settings and parameters in Mantra, a powerful rendering engine built into Houdini. This video will break down fundamental concepts as well as describe some essential tools to help push your renders using our software!

The video covers the parameters in the Sampling tab of Mantra and explains how to generate more diffuse light for your renders. It also shows you how to turn up Diffuse Quality, which will make bubbles appear clearer with less noise or artifacts on camera footage when using an external lighting source like a LED strip!