Animate A Draw On Effect In Maya in 2 Ways

Autodesk’s Roland Reyer Shares 2 Methods to Draw On a Placer Node Action in Maya

With the MASH placer node you can paint an object on top of any other surface, even cycling through a range of different objects. This is great for when we need to create effects like in Maya and want it done efficiently without having multiple tools open!

MASH’s visibility nodes can be a great way to visually portray the effect. Autodesk’s Roland Reyer demonstrates how they work in collaboration with each other and give you more creative control over your scene by using multiple techniques!

The process of drawing on a surface and animating that whole, it’s just like making paper for the first time. You can do this by using MASH’s placer node effect in conjunction with step strength attributes – which will allow you to keyframe how fast or slow (depending) particles are drawn at any given point during animation!

In the second method, Reyer shows how you can also use a draw-on effect by animating its visibility node’s falloff object. Even though they process for this type of animation may be slightly different from each other in end result looks equal because it gets processed through both methods before being displayed on screen.

The first way is to control where something appears with an opacity mask and then drawing or painting whatever is behind that layer over top; while using another technique involves making objects seem closer than their actual location would suggest based off changes made within 3D space itself.