Animate Anything To Sound In After Effects With Cloners Effectors

Cloners + Effectors is the perfect way to turn a project from boring and mundane into something exciting. It offers all sorts of creative possibilities for making animations that would otherwise be considered too difficult with traditional methods!

Imagine being able to create an animation that makes your objects come alive. It might sound like something out of science fiction, but this is possible with the help of Cloners + Effectors and creator Jakob Wagner! Watch him walk through how you can make clones move in sync on top audio waves from their original source— listen up for some coolments tips too (you’ll never guess what!).

Cloners + Effectors has completely overhauled their app to include features like an audio setup so objects can animate when they hear sound. The latest update also includes:

  • New support for windows and HiDPI panels
  • New “Duplicate” cloner system
  • You can now bake without keeping the ability to unbake
  • When baking unanimated systems, the baker makes no keyframes

For a more in depth look at Cloners + Effectors, visit the page on AesScripts and Aeplugins.