Animating A Blender Character Without A Rig

Daniel Martínez Lara shows a proof of concept for animating Blender characters that don’t even have a rig.

Ever pushing animation forward, PepeLand’s Daniel Martínez Lara shows off some experimentation he’s pursuing animating characters that don’t even have a rig. How is this possible? In order to create such an effect with Blender’s Pose Sculpt tools and shape keys for building animations; they must follow these simple steps:

1) Choose what type of character you want – Humanoid or simplified 3D Object like sphere in second clip below ( demonstrate how pose sculpt work on different kinds ).

2). Build armature/rig then attach muscles into them using bone weight nodes . You can do humanoids directly without adding any bones by just clicking buttons under Armatures tab > “Create Empty.”

3.) Go under Physics button at Lara shows how to create a “Cat” character from the popular children’s book series, The Willoughbys.