Animating A Character In After Effects Using Standard Tools

You might think that animating a character in After Effects requires at the very least, DUIK. Or perhaps some other suite of plugins like May animate pro for example? Well while it’s true you will need these tools if your plan is to create good quality work without any hiccups or glitches along the way – there are often simpler ways around them too!

I’ll tell ya what… The Hip Hop Pro plugin from Adobe was made specifically with Non-Advanced users such as myself who don’t have time on their hands but still want something great anyways!”

After Effects, at its core has everything you would need for a rudimentary character rig and that’s Parenting.

how to animate ANY character inside of after effects WITHOUT plugins!

We are all used to animation where the characters jump around or walk. But what if you want something more? What would happen then, when your character can’t move at all and has no expression on their face! Well in this case We Are Popo’s Yassine Boutaib walks us through a simple but really great Character Composition using only native After Effects tools like stamps and text layers.

We’ll learn how to create later too by exploring some other features related with motion graphics workflows such as keyframing frames together into one layer so they play back smoothly without any jumps between movements; also creating compound animations from two separate clips connected via time rem.

Yassine stresses the importance of first sketching out your design. This can be tricky for some artists, but if you take it slow and easy with lots of practice Yassine says that this will help to avoid common mistakes like making sketches too complicated or having poor composition within images

Yassin El-GOUNI recommends starting every project by drawing thumbnails in pencil on paper before moving onto Photoshop files!