Animating A Geometric Dendrite Snowflake In After Effects

When you are ready to take your design from static, flat shapes on paper into 3D animation with depth and motion–a Ae shape layer is the best way. Whether it’s for creating realistic snowflakes or other geometric forms like spirals- an easy route would be using these tools in After Effects!

When it comes to creating something new and innovative, there is no shortage of creativity. One such example can be seen in this geometric dendrite snowflake by Mikhail Shmidt: he created shape layers that made up different parts for his animation as well as an Ae plugin called ‘Trapcode 3D Stroke’.

an animated snowflake using shape layers and different modifiers.

Sergei Prokhnevskiy, partnering with his Russian friends over at has translated a tutorial into english that many people speak but not all will be able to understand because of the language barrier.
“There are a great number out there for tutorials on crafting in russian,” said Sergei “Most if these won’t work unless you know what they’re saying.” Ukramedia partnered up again and used their talents from Video Smile’s translation team this time around In order make sure every word counts- making it easier than ever before!

Mikhail Bychkov is a creative, talented designer who has translated his expertise into the art form of 3D graphics. This includes tutorials on how to make geometric dendrite snowflakes in After Effects for those interested!