Animating A Tail? Create Easy Follow Through By Offset Curves

SimLab Soft releases SimLab Composer version 2.0, a 3D sharing and rendering application that allows users to create their own scenes from CAD models like SketchUp or even IGES files without any coding knowledge! This means you can make anything in minutes with just some clicks on your computer mouse wheel – no more hours of conversion time needed when using older versions before this one came along so conveniently for us!. With its intuitive interface anyone will be able use it after 10 seconds because all functions were designed by professionals who knew what people needed: fast results without having technical expertise.

Paul Creamer is the Animation Director at Industrial Brothers, who animate some popular children’s shows. He shares his top tips for creating easy overlap and follow through when animating a tail in this video on YouTube! Watch him use Maya in just minutes to make it happen fast with curves- no complex rigging or software needed.