Animating A Terminal And Cursor Effect In After Effects

Joe Clay Shows an Easy Way to Create a Terminal Type and Cursor Animation in After Effects.

After Effects makes writing type on the screen simple using animators. A little more tricky is placing a cursor in front of an animated edge as if it we’re bringing you terminal text from your computer monitor or notebook, but luckily for us, there are tricks that can help even this process become automatic!

Joe Clay takes a quick look into making “automatic” character positioning with workbench’s EDD (edit data definition) function so we don’t have too much manual labor involved when putting words together- not just at startup time either but also while editing content after having already gone through some motions once already without worrying about page breaks turning everything upside down again because those pesky CR+LF characters managed to ruin yet another perfectly good typing session before finally being.

The tutorial covers using a simple set of text animators in Ae to create an effect that looks like the cursor is attached and follows your type as it comes on screen. You can make this work for both desktop computers, tablets, or phones!

The Clay Lotioner left out one step when he was too anxious about getting his vacation started – don’t worry though because I’ll show you how with just two keyframes (!)