Animating A Walk Cycle In Under 5 Minutes

Mr. H is an expert in Character Animation, and he teaches students how to create a walk cycle with Maya using his own techniques for success! Mr Hero has posted more than 100 video tutorials on YouTube that are great starting points if you want to learn the fundamentals of animation or perfect your skills–though they’re best suited as classroom material because some may not be appropriate outside educational settings (i.e., talking while animating).

Mr. H’s walk cycle goes from simple to complex in a matter of minutes, and you can do it too! All that is needed for this Maya tutorial are five keyframes at the beginning and end points of your character’s stride. Once these basic poses have been established through copying/pasting similar values between them (or manually adjusting where they start), add other details like how high or low their feet hit during steps with different heights – whatever looks best for your scene size constraints will work fine here because MrH has done all the hard stuff already by careful consideration so just follow his lead while mixing-and-matching until everything feels right.

Mr. H’s videos are a great way to learn animation techniques in 3D software like Maya, Flash and Photoshop by following along with his step-by-step instructions for creating time lapse movies!