Animating For Video Games, Creating A Jump Animation

Tokyo based artist and animator James Marijeanne has been contributing to his series that shows how to animate character sets for video games. The latest installment of this project, “Jump,” is all about the process of making an animation cycles: jump (or running) Animations can use other cycle types such as turns or slides in order make movements more dynamic!

Ever wanted to learn how to animate for video games?

James goes over the animation process for both standing jumps and moving ones. He discusses considerations that need to be taken into account when animating in game engines, like different ways they can feature animations or what type of character you want your player’s avatar being able jump around on screen while playing with it!

The first video in the series looked at how to use a Video Game Animation Tree for Interactive Character Animation. Understanding this tree allowed James get started with poses, then creating walks and run cycles. He even had time t showcase some popular animation transitions that are often used between different cycle types or when transitioning from one pose into another.