Animating The Impossible Penrose Triangle In Houdini

Pedro Alpiarça Shows How to Model & Animate the Optical Illusion of the Penrose Triangle

The Penrose Triangle is a mind-boggling puzzle that has stumped mathematicians for centuries. Node Flow’s Pedro Alpiarça walks through how to model it within Side FX Houdini, a 3D software program used by professionals in the animation industry and entertainment world at large!
In April 2013 Google released an online video explaining this impossible shape: The “Penrosedeltaire Triangledummyduck Hilbert Corners.

The technique involves a method that was used to bring the triangle to life in sculptures form, which would appear seamless from one angle.

how to model the Penrose triangle optical illusion and render the necessary elements for its composition

The animation of the triangle relies on mapped UV values that will later be used in compositing to make it flow across surfaces. A Shading pass is used for an optical illusion, giving volume and complexity where there was none before. If you want more control over your scene file– courtesy of NodeFlow!– check out this link!