Animating The Perfect Water Splash Frame By Frame

Ben Marriott shows how to animate a water splash by drawing all the frames

Motion Designer, Ben Marriott will show you how to draw all frames of an animation by hand. Great for beginners who want the traditional approach or those looking at learning motion graphics more in depth!

The tutorial will teach you the physical properties of water or any other liquid and use them as a rule for animating. “You should learn about this because it’s important when making animations,” says Ben. The software doesn’t require specific programs-you can do everything with an onion skin mode enabled on your computer

In today’s article I am going to talk about how animation works from start to finish! In my interview with Mr Benjamin Broughton he discussed many different topics which included what types of films have best suited him over time by looking at both his reel work but also examples outside those fields too such as music videos where timing plays more prominently than static shots so there really isn’t anything