Animating Typography In Photoshop And After Effects

Matt from the Mt. Mograph channel calls this one “Hipster Calligraphy” which made me chuckle a bit. What he is showing in his tutorial, using best bits of three applications and an end goal for each application; animating typography to create frame by frame animations that would be perfect as social media posts or marketing material!

Matt uses Adobe programs to create his typography. From Illustrator, he moves on to Photoshop where the final animation is made before adding effects in After Effects for an extra layer of polish and flare.

The animator starts with roughing out every character’s individual movements then applies them all together into one fluid motion that seems like it was painted rather than drawn; this effect can be achieved by painting over each frame individually instead drawing outlines which gives more freedom when editing later down the line if necessary.

This video is CRAMMED with helpful stuff! I had a ton of fun making this video for you so I hope you enjoy!

Matt – Mt. Mograph

If you are new to the animation process, it can be daunting. However with just a little bit of trial and error we were able to create this short video in Adobe After Effects without any previous experience at all!

The key was using different layers for each element that needed its own time commitment: drips or splashes on character’s body; flat colors including skin tone and hair color (to give more depth); shadows from lights sources such as firelight coming off their clothes etcetera… This allowed us get everything done quickly so our artists could focus solely on painting frames during post production instead of spending hours working through tedious steps inside program like Photoshop first which would have gone over everyone.

Animating typography can be done in many different ways, but typically it will be automated. Here Matt starts out by creating a template for the type on Illustrator and then uses that to paint frame-by-frame animations with Photoshop. After Effects takes care of all animation related tasks like importing image sequences into Ae (the program he used) which are time shifted colors added at certain points throughout each individual frames’ duration so when put together they create movement not just static images anymore!

More With Animating Typography

Mt. Mograph has two posts that show how to create complex type animations with the help of alpha mattes in After Effects: “Animate Typography Weights Easily.” and Evan Abrams’ own work on animating typographic weight easily using his creative process for such tasks!

Mathias Möhl showed a technique for creating animated typography using Ae’s puppet tools with the post Bring Text to Life in After Effects. Andrew Devis demonstrated how to animating type along a path through various techniques, including keyframe animation and layer effects like drop shadows or text on images placed behind them as seen here:

How To Animate Type Along A Path In After Effects Using Layer Motion Blur Behind It . Finally there is Adam Everett Miller who offers an insightful guide about understanding advanced features withinAfter Effects’ Text Animator toolset such as “auto” speeds which can be used when editing individual letters individually rather than whole words at once; ribbons that allow users more control over line thicknesses across multiple curves simultaneously.