Animation Composer Plugin For After Effects Makes It Easy To Animate Using Presets

Animation Composer is a free native plugin for After Effects, brought to you by… well okay whoever sent this horse about their cool new tool. It’s only natural he would want people all over the world knowing how awesome it can be so they too could make some motion graphics magic with him! MisterHorse TV offers Animation composer as one of many tools that come standard in our suite at no cost whatsoever; 100+ presets are included right out the gate (and more on request).

3 hours of work, done in 3 minutes with Animation Composer

Animation composer is the perfect way to quickly create an animation taking all of those pesky, time-consuming repetitive tasks out for you!

Animation Composer is a wonderful tool for creating smooth and seamless animation. Simply drag the motion you want either to start or end of clip, then use layer makers in between clips as needed to edit timing with ease!

Animation Composer is a new After Effects plugin that will make your life easier by working with the keyframes of any video you are editing. It doesn’t add anything onto existing layers, so it won’t mess up what’s happening in other parts of the project and there’s no need for extra workarounds or complicated techniques when using this software! The free version comes with over 100 presets available right out-of-the box; if those don’t do what we want then we can always purchase more from their huge library which has many thousands waiting just underneath its surface (if not accessible already).

Animation composer is an amazing plugin for After Effects which allows you to create your animations in one place, without having multiple files. It has all sorts of tools and features that will have any animation created within seconds! Check out here if this interests you at all 🙂