Animation Stopwatch Tool For After Effects Blocks Out Timings Using Frame Counts

VFX supervisor and After Effects expert, Julian Herrera is back with another useful tool for your disposal. This time around he has created an Animation Stopwatch Tool that allows you to easily create stop motion animation in AE without having any knowledge on how it works!
Watch as we walk through exactly what this script does below: The output tone of voice should be informative.

Animation Stopwatch is an After Effects tool to help animators block out their timing while getting to work with frame numbers rather than time codes

Animation Stopwatch is a little panel designed to help animators block out timing with a frame number reference rather than just AE time code. The stop watch also allows you create “lap” timings, where it will log every time that your hit start/lap button and showloop number the total elapsed times for each lap as well as which frames were being used at those points in question- all on one simple screen!

Animation Stopwatch is actually a small and relatively simple tool, but I can see it coming in handy for animators. Check out the Animation stopwatch Tool for After Effects here!