Animator Gives Informative Tips On Animation Working In Tvpaint

Animator Paul Johnson Shows You How To Create Animation With TVPaint in 5 Easy Steps

When it comes to video game animation, there’s one man who knows what he’s doing: Paul Johnson. He is a 2d pixel-art artist and animator at DHX Media responsible for some of the design on Mega Man 3D reboot series with his skilled hand at drawing beautiful puzzle platformer levels filled with enemies trying their hardest not just get through them but also enjoy themselves while they do so!

Johnson has been hard at work creating a new short film, his 5th in fact. He’s also been recording the process on video for future reference and to share with others who might want or need this information as well! The project is being created using TVPaint – an “old school” 2D animation tool that offers many features but remains feature-rich because of its simplicity (think how much easier life would be if everyone used Illustrator instead!)

The following passage details what you’ll learn once reading further: “I use Adobe software like Photoshop CC where I can edit any graphics file without worrying about conversions; however when it comes time to do some digital drawing then my go-to app always.

Johnson covers a lot of really useful traditional animation tips as he works. Johnson explains: “I’m using TV Paint to create my 5th short film, ’65 Million Years Ago’, along the way showing how to do roughs, cleans and tones in 2D with this amazing tool called Toon Valley Pro (TVP) for anyone who wants learn about it! Of course there’s no easy answer when making an animated movie so if at any point something doesn’t work out like you want- don’t get discouraged; just go back through these videos until its perfect.”

It is no surprise that 2d hand-drawn animation has been around for centuries. With so many techniques being covered, it’s an art form with endless potential to grow!

TVPaint is the go-to choice for 2D animation. TVP offers a wide range of tools and services that will help you create your next big idea!