Anime Studio Rebrands Back To Moho With New Features

One upon a time, Anime Studio was known as Moho. Well, once again it will be known asMoho- and this time officially too! User base never really latched onto the “Anime Studio” moniker which is why we’re back to using just plain old “Moho”. Even developers admit that what you think of when hearing ‘anime studio’ isn’t quite accurate: That connotation refers only those who use its software primarily for hobbyist anime animation work – Which in fact has little or nothing at all do with reality

You Might Want to Take a Look at Moho

Moho (Anime Studio) offers a bone rigging system, along side its robust feature set. The intuitive UI makes it easy for anyone to create animations in minutes and share them across mediums like Youtube or Twitch streams – without having an expensive Sequel host license!

Moho is the world’s most advanced and comprehensive animation tool. With a layered PSD import from Adobe Photoshop that embarrassingly works MUCH better than any of their own products, as well as bitmap to vector conversion, integrated lip-synching 3D modeling physics motion tracking it’s no wonder why professionals around thE WORLD use Moho for all sorts oF commercials!

Moho 12

Moho 12 will have some great new features, including smart warp. You can build custom meshes that you manipulate andanimate an image with this important tool for creating cloth or secondary moments like in Spine 2D! It also has better bezier handles as well as improved freehand tools to make it easier on your artwork when adding details such a furrows of skin from the wind moving through trees at night while camping under blankets by candlelight because winter is coming.

Moho 12 Launch

Moho is a new website that offers many opportunities to take part in the process. The launch webinar, for example, will allow prospects an inside look into everything Moho has planned while giving them access before it’s public release!

A discussion forum allows you get involved with your community and find out more about what they’re working on without having any technical knowledge required– just sign up today if interested.