Aoi Asahina Animated Unused Execution (Fan Made)

By StephenW313

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DO NOT REPOST!! Seeing my Chihiro and Sayaka executions reposted on youtube and tik tok was always so disheartening since these vids take a loooot of work, so I’d just STRONGLY prefer no one reposts it at all.

Wow, I was just messing around with Eevee and Blender! The water in this scene is terrible. Although it doesn’t look real because of some strange things that had to be done (lighting), at least you can get an idea on how she should react underwater…LOL
I’m not trying make anything super accurate here; sorry if the lighting makes everything seem bad or distorted-like.(which also happens) It turned out pretty well for me since my only skillz are 3D graphics/modeling anyways

Got the splash sound effect from !