Approaches For Creating Overlapping Animation For A Tail in Maya

This article will explore how overlapping animation in a tail can be done. Two techniques for accomplishing this task are offered, one which uses fewer keyframes than another and is more complicated to edit later on; the other technique offers an easier way of working with overlap that doesn’t require as much time or effort from you at first glance but takes advantage of some handy tools once things start getting serious (and let’s say they do!).

This video explores the two opposing workflows for animating a tail with overlapping motion that will appeal to audiences.

Brian has created an amazing tutorial on how to overlap your animations in Maya. He says that the bhGhost tool will create 3D outlines of all animations within its viewport, which makes it really helpful when creating action sequences or other various types of animation such as poses for characters with multiple limbs attached at once like octopus hands! Check out his post here: How To Overlap A Tail – Animation Tutorial .