Approaches For Studio Based Lighting Using Image Based Lighting

The HDRIStudio blog posts an interesting article looking at some of the approaches for using Image Based Lighting (IBL) to create and mimic effects that a photographer would get in their studio.

Here we show a variety of scene set-up approaches in your main 3D software/renderer and talk about their advantages and disadvantages

It is interesting to see the variations, draw backs and advantages in each lighting technique showing a mix of IBL lightings with real world floors. Check out this article for Studio approaches using image-based lighting techniques here!

HDRI Studio makes it easy to create IBLs with just the click of a button. Placing lights inside your scene is an absolute breeze! Here are some examples where they were used:
-Light painting over this delicious donut shop’s exterior porch light gave us more than enough quality footage for an advertisement, which made passersby stop in their tracks and start ordering.