Attach A Mash Network To A Cloth Solve In Maya

One of the things that instantly got my attention when I was learning Maya, was how many different tools it had. There’s no such thing as an island in this software and with so many possibilities there is something for everyone! A MASH network allows you to combine these features together which expands procedural capabilities even more (especially if we’re talking about Houdini).

You can think of it as a box-full of Lego bricks. Pieces come together to create whatever you want, and there are no limits on how creative your designs will be! Want an emitter that shoots out cloth instead? No problem with MASH networks for particles or rivets too – they work great in combination with nCloth elements.

Using Autodesk Maya, Daryle Obert demonstrates how to combine MASH networks and nCloth in order generate a strobing effect. He does this with the Audio Node by using some shader logic that creates an interesting animation style for your content!

One of the best things about this tutorial is that it gives tips on how to create cool-looking geometry outlines while animating nCloth. You can follow along with these steps and learn more than you ever thought possible!