Audio Driven Deformations In Houdini

Danil Krivoruchko is a professional Motion Design artist from Moscow, Russia. His art includes creating audio driven animation usually with the use of color change or size over time as well as music in its beat to produce an interesting effect on viewers perspective about what they’re seeing

Typically “audio-driven” animations entail changing shapes and sizes according to how it would sound if someone was listening; but not so for this talented Russian designer! Danil has taken another route by using different colors that correspond nicely within each frame while still capturing all details like detail textures which makes them seem more lifelike than others before him had done–in other words:

Animoto is an app that lets you make videos on the fly. You can use it to create short animations, like this one here by Danil which teaches us how we can add sound effects and music into our Houdini simulations for more dynamic results!

The tutorial walks through the audio driven animation portion of this scene, showing how to set it up so that sound will affect what you’re seeing on screen. Danil makes available for download all files he used in creating his masterpiece!