Auto Generate Audio Keyframes In After Effects For Autodesk Maya

With the power of scripting, Pete Stache has created a new way to automate keyframes in After Effects and bring them into Maya. He accomplished this by using an Audio To Keyframe Function from within After Effects as well as another script called AEtoMaya which generates automated matricies based on audio input including those with parameters such as time or pitch change over range values.

AetoMayaAudioKeyframeConverter script will generate keyframes from audio in After Effects to a control Null that you can import into Maya with the same attributes applied, and use those keystrokes for any purpose.

Check out After Effects to Maya Audio Keyframe Converter Script here.

Pete Stache’s After Effects JavaScript tutorial has the perfect solution for when you try to run it for the first time after launching your software.
Pete uses this script in his work as an animator, and he says that “One bug is already known: When you use [the Audio To Keyframe function] on initial launch or if there hasn’t been any other changes made within AE itself, Windows will popup saying ‘An unexpected error occurred.’.” He goes onto describe how to fix these errors without having much technical knowledge at all by simply running again whenever one pops up – which doesn’t take long according our testing since most were gone before we knew what happened!

Download only from my site at the moment also check out my blog.