Autodesk Introduces The Stingray 3d Game Engine

Autodesk has taken the wraps off of their new endeavor, Stingray 3D Game Engine. The engine is available starting August 19th and will be included with all Autodesk Maya LT Desktop Subscription customers as part-of their current subscription! The video shown was concise but informative so I wanted to keep it simple for my readers who may not have much time on there hands.

Stingray is a new game engine from Autodesk that creates higher level interoperability between their content creation applications and games.

Stingray 3D Game Engine is an impressive suite of development tools that includes Beast, HumanIK and Autodesk Navigation. This list also contains a UI technology based on ScaleForm called AudioKinetic wwise; nvidia physx for computer graphics acceleration; or Unity3d plugins like Import2u intended to increase project portability when working across platforms
The Stingray 3.