Automate To Sequence For After Effects

Wouldn’t it be great if After Effects had some of the features offered by Automate to Sequence? This program offers an easy way for users, with no experience in Premiere Pro or other programs like that could create layers based on markers. We all know how important creativity is so why wouldn’t you want your workflow enhanced through this kind of interactive nature?

It’s also worth mentioning that VirtualDub has a tool called Mimic. This can be used to create an effect similar in Premiere Pro, just take note of the differences between each program and how they operate!

Thanks to Lloyd Alvarez’s AEScripts, you can have that same type of feature within After Effects. Automate To Sequence for AE allows users set or shift points in a composition based on markers with ease by using the program’s interface and features like step editing which allow your animation more control over when it starts playing from its beginning instead if having all actions happen simultaneously at once right away when opening project file after creating characters etc.

Automate To Sequence for After Effects

The Automate To Sequence for After Effects script provides a clean, well organized interface that houses all the necessary information. It allows you to choose from different marker layers and set their order in relation with each other as well as some options on how often they should be repeated or have overlapping segments of footage before moving onto another part within your project timeline.

The automation tool offers easy access menus so it’s perfect if this is something new because I found myself getting overwhelmed at first glance when looking through what was offered by these programs.

You are also able to set the method for how layers will be sequenced or moved. You can either have After Effects Automatically shift them when it’s done processing, but if you prefer doing this manually yourself then there is an option called “Automate To Sequence” that does exactly what its name suggests – makes sure all of your layer sequences are shifted accordingly without any intervention on behalf our end!


Automate To Sequence for After Effects is now available on aescripts + Aeplugins! You can purchase it at the discounted price of $9.99, which includes unlimited use with individual license keys or through multiple machine licensing agreements.