Automatically Save A Snapshot Of Your Cinema 4D Scene

AJ Haines New Freebie Saves a Snapshot of Your C4D Scene Files at Render Time Along With Your Image.

Don’t let your project fall victim to the ever-changing deadline. With production and short timelines, you might end up with a mismatch in scenes that don’t match what was rendered at the end!

Save At Render Script is here for those who want easily accessible access to their final output files without sacrificing quality or time stamping them accordingly so it’s easier than ever before just like this author did by saving her scene snapshots along side of how they looked when finished being created instead of waiting until after everything has been finalized due out onto disc.

“I find this so useful that I remapped the render hotkey to my script, and now when AJ goes back for any little tweak he can open up his project without ever having to think about or do anything extra! He also points out how often we go through these steps in our projects where maybe you’ve gotten far enough past your initial renders only remember what the scene was like at some point before then- because there were no log files tracking those changes.

Save at Render is a tool that lets you save your renders in any number of file formats. It also has some great scripts for generating custom materials, effects, and more!