Automatically Sync Voice Overs In After Effects

Orrin Zucker, the master of all things audio and video related to type monkey demonstrates how easy it is for anyone to create streamlined voice overs in After Effects. This tutorial will be immensely helpful as he walks you through creating automatically synced videos with just a few clicks!

TypeMonkey is a new tool for After Effects that generates kinetic type animations without any keyframes at all. The Type Animations can include an animated camera, dynamically linked to markers so you never have find the right timing again!

Premiere Pro has a great Analyze Content feature that can be used to automatically sync voice overs with TypeMonkey in After Effects

For those who produce videos with voice overs, Orrin Zucker has created an amazing tool that will sync your audio and make sure it’s on- beat. (He notes Adobe Soundbooth can also create this metadata for After Effects to read.) This means you’ll never have to worry about getting out of time or losing words again!

TypeMonkey is a new way to create your After Effects projects. It provides the best performance with all custom options enabled by default! Learn more about Typemonkey here.”