Baking The Perfect Normal Map With Blender

Blender Guru Andrew Price Walks Through Baking Object Details into Normal Maps With Blender

Learning how to bake normal maps is a necessary step for any game developer. Andrew Price offers an informative look into the process with Blender, using Cycles as its render engine. He starts off by displaying what are known as convex polyhedra – or something called “faces” in 3D space that have more than just 1 side because it has been rendered onto them! These objects need their Normals calculated so they can be seen properly on both sides of these polygons without being transparent like you would expect normally when seeing through things…

Normal Maps: a great way to get more details without taking too much of a hit on rendering time Real Time Engines often use Normal Maps due the fact that they can transpose normals from one object to another by using special image map. This mapping, called normal-map is used for transferring higher polygon models onto lower ones with ease while still getting all those intricate features you want in your game or 3D application.

Andrew has the perfect tutorial for you! He will cover everything in this short 13 minute video that demonstrates how to bake a normal map from high poly models down into low-poly ones.