Batch Export Maps With Xnormal From Within Maya

Tomás Poveda Shares a PythonBased Tool for Maya That Lets You Batch-Bake Maps Using xNormal

3D Technical Artist at Gameloft Tomás Poveda has created a tool that offers the best workflow when baking maps using xNormal. The Python-based Batch Baker, which can be used in conjugation with Maya’s popular (and free) mapmaking software to bulk make and export them quickly from one location on your computer or workstation without having to go through multiple steps of inputting data into each application individually! This isn’t even his first Normals-integrated exportation option either; there is also an older exporter by colleague Fabrice Quillet who released it back around 2011 – 5 years ago now.

This article highlights how advancements such as these will allow artists like myself greater freedom while working within 3.

xNormal Batch Baker features a workflow with familiar nomenclature and easy-to use interface, as well Photoshop integration.

Poveda says that the source code for batch-baker is available on Github if someone wants to update it more than welcome.