Beginner Guide To Tracking With Mocha After Effects

If you are looking for a new way to track your shots, I would recommend giving Mocha AE. The planar tracking system from Imagineer Systems comes bundled with After Effects CC and is perfect if all the other tools seem overwhelming or take too much time!

I know it sounds like what we’re talking about here might not be something everyone needs — but trust me; this one tool will make life easier in more ways than imaginable (trust).

After Effects offers a couple of methods for tracking, such as the point tracker and 3D camera tracker. But sometimes those won’t get you what you need – Mocha is completely different than these two standout features in After Ears!

Planar tracking is a groundbreaking technology that will revolutionize how you track shots. It allows for camera movement to follow the plane of focus in astounding clarity, making it easy and fast- Effective!

You’ve never used it before, but you really should. Mocha is a new YouTube trainer from Surfaced Studio who will fill in all the details on what planar tracking entails and how to work it within Ae! It’s time for everyone to get acquainted with this powerful tool so that we can bring our projects into high definition without hassle or botheration- just put out fires as they arise during editing processes because let me tell ya: no one wants static noise where there’s supposed be crystal clear footage coming through their monitors.