Best Blender 2.8 Addons & Plugins for Modeling (includes free addons)

By CG Cookie

These are the top 10 Blender 2.8 modeling addons and plugins that might surprise even experienced users, with 3 of them being completely free to try!

If you’ve made the jump to Blender 2.8, it might be time for some new modeling addons! If not sure what’s available or how they work – don’t worry; we’ll go over everything here so that all your needs can be met in one place.

Links to all the addons below

10. Pivot Transform (00:27)
9. By-Gen (01:17)
8. Loop Tools (02:09) *Included in Blender*
7. Mira Tools (02:38)
7a. Bezier Mesh Shaper (03:19)
6. Speed Sculpt (03:30)
5. Edge Flow (04:09)
4. BoxCutter (04:45)
3. Smart Fill (05:27)
2. Hard Ops (5:59)
1. MESHmachine (06:47)

Since it wasn’t possible to go over all of the awesome Blender modeling add-ons and plugins, here are a few honorable mentions:

Bezier Mesh Shaper:
Ice Tools Pro:
Sculpt Toolkit:

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