Best Practices For Quads, Triangles, And N-gons In Cinema 4D

Mario Brajdich freely discusses the best practices he uses when modeling in Cinema 4D.

Why not Quad or N-gon? You may be wondering when to use a triangle and whether it will affect your model’s rendering. A first time mounter should ask these questions before diving into modeling, even if they are an experienced artist with many projects under their belt!

This writer would like for us all as artists/ designers etc., including those that have been doing this type of work since childhood; I encourage everyone who wants better understanding about graphics software capabilities – regardless if one has just started out in the industry today–to take some time learning how things work behind each object we create so our.

Using four simple numbers, the humble polygon can be transformed into a complex model that would take hours to draw by hand. Mario from Elementza demonstrates this process with his course on how new users should begin their journey in 3D modeling and design called HARD SURFACE 3D MODELING WORKSHOP which teaches them about constructive differences between quads & tris as well as other objects such has n-gons or tetrahedrons.”