Best Practices For Time Remap In After Effects

Nick Greenawalt shows how to create better time remap effects in Ae with some tips.

After Effects is one of those apps where people can intuitively pick up many concepts; however, some features seem to be a stumbling block for most. One such feature might be Time Remap.

Breaking Down Time Remap.

Nick Greenawalt, an expert in After Effects and motion graphics education covers what you need to know about time remapping. He offers practical workflow tips for designers that will help them use the tool more intuitively while also showing some examples of how it could be used with different footage – whether animated or live action!

Nick’s tutorial provides valuable insight into understanding this effect better by giving clear explanations on its inner workings as well providing various ways certain tasks may take place including using keyframes (legacy) if needed; which also includes ample screenshots so all can see exactly where everything goes during each stage…

About Nick Greenawalt.

Nick Greenawalt is a Philadelphia-based motion designer who spends his days working at an experience strategy and design agency called BlueCade. When he’s not doing that, Nick also creates tutorials for YouTube & Instagram which are both creatively fulfilling pursuits in themselves!