Best Tablets for 3D Modeling – Top 6 Picks 

Best Tablets for 3D Modeling - Top 6 Picks 

The first step to 3D modeling is having a tablet-optimized for it. With many tablets on the market today, it may be hard to find one that suits you. The specific specs and features will change depending on the person, what you will use it for, and your budget.  

3D modeling is a fantastic hobby many artists love to do, but sometimes it can be hard finding the right tablet for your needs. So what kind of tablets should you get? In this article we will cover 5 different models and break down each one based on their specs so that when deciding which model works best with whatever else equipment or software tools are available in your price range at home – whether they’re cheap ($) or expensive.

Artists should look for tablets with large drawing spaces because they can work at a faster pace. If the surface size was much smaller, artists would need to zoom in when working and this becomes time wasted–just like anything else!

Depending on the artist, a 3D modeling tablet can be an important tool in their workflow. For some it’s used for creating model scenes and characters while others use express keys to speed up programming or generate textures from Photoshop layers; there are even those who just draw what they see with pen drawings that don’t have any digital component at all! One huge factor is how well you’re able to control latency when doing graphics work so make sure your stylus has good response time before purchasing one.

If you’re looking for the perfect 3D modeling tablet, look no further than these five models. These are all lightweight and have great battery life so they can be taken anywhere!

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 

  • 10th Generation Intel Core Processor  
  • Great Wi-Fi performance  
  • Good battery life 
  • Sharp display 

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a powerful tablet that can handle any 3D modeling job you throw at it. It comes with an Intel Core processor, which makes rendering models twice as fast when compared to older versions of the product line from MSFT! This device will help users get everything done in no time – whether they are working on designs for business or personal use alike.

A must have if want create professional quality content  making sure your projects come out exactly how envisioned while still being efficient enough not take up all day long like other tasks do.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is a detachable 2-in-1 with an Intel Core i5 processor and has the best graphics you could ever imagine. It includes better WiFi performance, long battery life for on the go users or people who need something extremely reliable all while being able to run 3D modeling software like Zbrush!

The device runs on Windows 10, which means that you can implement almost all apps used for 3D modeling- including Cura. One of the most popular choices among enthusiasts is software like this! It’s easy to design your model in any app and then transfer it over when ready – everything just happens more smoothly thanks to its integrated features with OneDrive cloud storage system

The output should include additional information about what makes these tablets so great.

This great choice has a built-in rear kickstand, and is fully adjustable. The screen can be reclined to whatever range helps you best so drawing becomes easier for people who love it – as long as they have access to this keyboard! You may need something like that because not all styluses come with one or an internet connection won’t do much good either way if there’s no input from your hands into programs on our computer screens (and those are mostly what we use nowadays).

With its responsive touch interface coupled by long battery life of over 40 hours per charge; accuracy comparable.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 has a couple of minor drawbacks, but it’s still an excellent device. You’ll have to buy the keyboard separately and sometimes users find more than two ports are needed for their activities – however there is always workarounds available! If you want something that can do many things at once while also functioning as computer then this could be just what you need with some tweaks on how we use technology today.


  • Long-lasting battery life 
  • Sharp display 
  • Well-placed kickstand 
  • USB-C 


  • Keyboard sold separately 
  • Two ports, no Thunderbolt support 

Wacom Intuos PTH660 Pro 

  • Pen with pressure levels and eraser 
  • Eight express keys  
  • Wireless  
  • Head-up display 

The Wacom Intuos Pro is a professional tablet for graphic designers and artists. If you’re looking to create beautiful designs, this product will allow you to do so with ease! It’s been designed specifically by professionals in the industry who know what they need from their tools – but it isn’t just limited because of its high price tag either.

The Wacom Intuos Pro is perfect for any artist. With an active area of 8.7″ x 592″, this tablet offers great pressure sensitivity and lag-free functionality that will keep you at the top of your game! The multi touch surface allows artists to work without worrying if their palm might cause interference, while also providing them with programmable express keys so they can customize workflow as desired–no matter what kind or genre(s)of artwork you prefer creating on either desktop computers or laptops wirelessly through Bluetooth Classic connection capabilities offered by this device alone.

This device is also compatible with most 3D modeling apps, and has an eraser on the end. The pen feels much like a real pencil for whoever uses it; plus you can draw both lines and colors which may come in handy when doing artistic designs or colorizing old black-and white photos!

As for cons, some users state that the surface of this tablet can wear down pencil points and make them change more often than with other devices. The express keys are also hard to use in a timely fashion; they take time before getting used efficiently due.

to their location on one key instead of separate ones like most laptops do today which is frustrating if you need those special shortcuts right away or don’t have enough patience while working remotely at home without an external display handy–the same goes for webcams! However, there’s no bundled software so please be aware depending.


  • Quality if fantastic 
  • Features to increase productivity 
  • Bluetooth wireless option 
  • Stylus with pressure sensitivity and tilt recognition 


  • The surface can wear down pencil point 
  • ExpressKey can be difficult to use quickly. Sometimes 
  • No bundled software 

Huion KAMVAS Pro 16   

  • 15.6-inch screen size  
  • Anti-glare glass 
  • Compatible with Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.12 or later 
  • Amazing color 

This tablet is the perfect device for artists and designers who need a high-quality display to produce their best work. With pristine colors, this slate offers 120% sRGB coverage so you can see 16.7 shades in detail with vibrant accuracy on any screen—not just ones that have been calibrated properly! It also has an aluminum casing which makes it sleek but strong enough to be used anywhere there’s an outlet available; plus built-in rubber grips keep its weight manageable while still being comfortable in hand due all those features mentioned above: solid build quality + gorgeous color gamut = something every artist needs!

The active surface is etched, allowing for more overall control when drawing. The device also has several OSD function buttons that include six express keys and a slider located between them all programmable allowing the user to choose what each does while still having some level of customization over how they will perform this task!

The pen has a rubberized grip, which prevents slippage on your screen. It also includes standard buttons so you can customize what they do for you! The resolution is 5080 LPI and it’s accuracy rate around 0.5mm – that means this device will work really well with Sign Language Kits or any other close range graphics needs.

The KAMVAS Pro 16 is a sleek device that can be used on the go. It comes with 3 different cables for connecting to your computer or laptop, and it measures just over 4 inches long when fully assembled! This miniaturized graphics tablet provides enough space so you won’t get frustrated trying other products like Photoshop’s larger tablets which are not always practical in tight spaces (like airplanes).

The small size also makes this product perfect if traveling- whether business class seating at 30 thousand feet up high off ground level; first class lounges while chasing down leads across Europe—you’ll never miss out again because of pesky battery life limitations thanks.

The Huion KAMVAS Pro 16 is a tablet with an amazing screen and great features. However, there are some limitations that may prevent you from using it as much due to its connection requirements such as the response rate between your computer and device or bad durability of buttons compared other stylus pens on sale today (which would make them less reliable). Additionally users have reported issues like glitches in programs when connecting through USB port into windows operating systems such as Vista/7 Enterprise 32bit instead only recognizing 64bit version–so if this sounds familiar do not worry because we found another option!

It also does not come at cheap price point either-but these conundrums can easily.


  • Anti-glare, etched glass 
  • Programmable keys 
  • Battery-free stylus 
  • 6 press keys and 1 touch bar to enhance productivity 


  • Many report problems with the pen 
  • Screen response time is worse than most tablets 
  • Must be connected to a computer to use 

Wacom Cintiq 22 

  • Responsive stylist included 
  • Separate cables for all connections 
  • 21.5 inch IPS panel with full HD resolution  
  • Great color 

The Wacom Cintiq 22 is a large tablet designed for artists who want to get in touch with their creative side. It features an adjustable stand and sRGB color reproduction, making this the perfect choice if you are looking at something between an expensive studio-grade option or cheaper model! The screen size of 21 inches combined with 1,920 x 1080 resolution provides great detail when drawing on paper that has been flush printed by FullHD IOS paneling allowing pen strokes translate smoothly into digital form also tiltable from 18 degree horizontal position all way up 82 degrees vertical angle thanks its builtin Stand converting any orientation imaginable into one fluidly flowing canvas ready cultivate whatever feelings come forth.

For any artist or designer looking to create their next masterpiece, this tablet will be the perfect canvas. With many different editing programs available including 3D modeling software that can produce stunning results on par with other devices costing much more!

The Wacom Cintiq 22 is a sleek and stylish drawing tablet with an excellent display that can make your artwork look like it was drawn by hand. On the downside, this device does not come equipped with Short keys and has no portability to speak of in comparison to some other options on our list; however users do enjoy using their large screens after they’ve gotten accustomed because then everything appears much sharper than before when viewed up close or far away from you as required based upon preference–this depends largely if one prefers high definition vs low quality visuals!

So you want to buy an expensive tablet but are worried about the cost? Well, for those who need a pen stand or something similar in order keep track of their pricey purchase they may be disappointed. This product doesn’t come with one and at over $1k its not going have any built-in ones either!


  • Fantastic drawing surface 
  • An ergonomic pen with great responsiveness 
  • sRGB color reproduction 
  • Adjustable stand 


  • No shortcut keys 
  • Not super portable 
  • Giant screen can feel low resolution at a close distance 
  • The anti-glare coating can dull colors 
  • No pen stand 

Veikk VK1560 

  • 15-inch drawing surface 
  • Useful shortcut keys  
  • Adjustable dial 
  • Powerful configuration program 

The Veikk VK1560 is a great, cheap tablet that includes everything you need and more. The giant drawing surface comes with useful shortcut keys to keep your hands on the task at hand as well as seven customizable shortcuts so there’s no wasted time spent trying find what’s needed quickly or getting frustrated because of an unorganized workspace! Plus it even has scroll dial built right into its design for those who love being able move up/down their canvas via physical device instead just stylus navigation like most other tablets offer these days.

The VK1560 tablet is a sleek and stylish accessory for your desk, with many convenient features. It houses 15 full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution IPS panel to ensure crisp image quality; it has an external customizable hotkeys on its side which can be used as shortcuts or assigned different functions depending what you want them too (like scrolling down). There’s also seven buttons that allow access even when holding the device in one hand such as turning off Wi-Fi before going home from work early!

The product has a high color gamut, which allows users to see vivid images and details. The pen provides efficient responses as it only takes seconds for the tablet to respond when drawing or painting with 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity on each tool that is being used in Photoshop illustrator clip studio paint etc…

It’s clear these tablets are perfect for those who love working digitally!


  • More affordable than many tablets 
  • Lightweight and slim 
  • Great quality 
  • Ergonomic pen 
  • Built-in pen holder 


  • Some users report inconsistent performance and features 
  • Low-quality nibs 

Are laptops or tablets better for 3D modeling? 

There are many different ways to get work done, and everyone has their own preferences. Some people might really enjoy using a laptop while others like tablets for the feel of them in hand or just wanting something lighter weight that can be taken anywhere with you on your travels! There’s no one right answer here either – what works best may depend entirely upon which device meets individual needs at any given moment
The input tells us there are great options available but doesn’t elaborate much beyond this point so I will add more detail about each option

How much should I pay for a tablet? 

There are many different types of tablets on the market, but if you’re just starting out with technology there’s no need to invest in one unless it will also serve other purposes.

What is the best option above? 

As a beginner, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is an affordable and versatile laptop that can be used for many different things. For those who need more power than what this device provides though, there are other tablets on the market like Wacom Cintiq 22 which will allow you to work with big screens while enjoying high-quality graphics output without breaking your bank account or eyesight!

Does 3D modeling software work on all tablets? 

It is important to research the best 3D modeling software before you buy, and make sure it works with your tablet. Some tablets like ZBrush only work in certain programs!