Better Coloring Wth Ray Dynamic Color In After Effects

No surprise, there is no cogent way to work with color in After Effects. If you have thousands of layers and multiple edits across many compositions then it’s easy for the colors on your screen can get lost amidst all that complexity- but this doesn’t mean they’re gone forever! New tools like Sander van Dijk’s Ray Dynamic Color make managing individual layer settings incredibly simple so instead of trying hopelessly hard just create something beautiful without worrying about how vibrant or saturated each one looks individually any longer.

Sander van Dijk is a master in After Effects. He’s asking you, the Ae using public to request tutorials from him by visiting this link
and filling out your desired subject line with “Tutorial Request.”

Recently Sander posted a look into coloring with his Ae plugin. He covers some of the ways that you can color elements in RDC, and what the differences are between those methods.

Ray Dynamic Color 2 now offers the ability to export and import color palettes. This is so users can share their custom aesthetic with others, or easily Transition between different styles within one project! Find out more about this new update here.