Better Manage Image Planes In Maya With This Script

Monika Gelbmann’s Image Planes Manager Helps to Keep References in Check.

It’s a little difficult to manage image planes in Maya, but luckily there is an easy way. That is until you want more than one of them- which I found myself doing recently too! When managing these multiple images becomes time consuming and arduous, try out Image Pane Manager from Monika Gelbmann who has made it possible for all those tedious tasks we used do before with ease by providing us free scripts like this one called “Image PANE MANAGER.”

Image Plane Manager is a simple way to create, adjust and manage image references in your Maya scene. It offers the basic features you would expect from an object manager with some extras that make it more useful on set or when working quickly remotely

  • You can select exactly which camera will be looking through this plane (and even choose whether they are moving)
  • There’s sliders for adjusting opacity/brightness so adjustments don’t have any impact elsewhere within the panel!

This script allows you to move and scale in direct relation to camera space, as well. It also has the ability for retargeting between various cameras within one scene or even different scenes! Check out Image Plane Manager here – it’s really cool tech that will help your videos stand out from other content on YouTube better than ever before.