Bevel and Weighted Normal Modifier — The “HOW” and “WHY” – Blender 2.8x

By Joseph Burgan

Check out the partner vid to this — “The Bevel and Weighted Normal Modifier Quickie is an exercise to make your assets feel more 3D. This technique can be used with most models, whether they are human figures or objects like furniture! (in 44 Seconds) – Blender 2.8x”

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After the quickie video of explaining “what” to do, I decided to make a follow-up video explaining a little about the “how” and “why”. I hope this is useful to somebody.

0:30 – What is the Weighted Normal Modifier Doing?
1:45 – How it works: Face Strengths and Manually Setting Strength Values
4:28 – Bevel Modifier’s Auto Face Strength Mode — Why Not to Use “Weight” Value
7:37 – Concluding Thoughts