Blender 2.5 Crash Course [Part 1] – UI Customization/Modeling Functions

By ralusek

I have reuploaded this tutorial with slight edits, and added 3 things to the original that I thought should be included in part 1. Proportional Editing is where you take your 2D animation file (the ones made using Photoshop) into After Effects so they can be animated more easily; Vertex Welding/Merging allows two shapes or vertices of different objects meet without creating any gaps between them which makes it perfect for when models need noses on both sides like teddy bears as well as saving time by merging all their parts together instead cutting out individual pieces each one its own polygon object- User Preferences allow users create buttons using certain parameters such.

This tutorial is gonna be more geared towards people who use modo/xsi/maya/max or another modeling package. It’s pretty fast paced and i don’t do examples or anything. It will mainly serve as a “I do this in max/maya, how the fuck do i do this in blender?” reference guide.

If you’re new to modeling, and need someone to hold your hand through the process of getting started – this tutorial might be one for you. It has some straightforward information in it with answers that should answer most any question asked!