Blender 2.71: How To Bake A Texture In Cycles

By BlenderShortTests

With Blender 2.71, you can bake textures in the Cycles rendering engine for quicker results when importing and animated objects or characters into your video game project files!

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– don’t add node to empty texture (will be black)
– if final texture will be transparent, try leave Edit mode and bake again
– if Blender says “No active image found, add material or bake to an external file”, maybe You forgotten to add material or empty texture
– don’t forget to save baked textures

00:00 overview
00:27 preparing windows
00:45 unwrapping the mesh
01:00 preparing texture and material to baking
02:00 baking second texture
02:35 baking third texture
03:10 final results